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IBA speakers with expertise in B2B Internet applications and global political economy issues are available for lectures, forum participation, and executive briefings. 

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President's Message

The IBA has chosen to evolve away from an organization addressing Internet Business for a membership of small and medium businesses. We will become an organization focused on the key technology adoption issues affecting Internet Business for businesses and reviewing the Public policy that attempts to resolve some of the thornier issues.

That is our course, join the "ride" with IBA as one of your bookmarks, soon we'll have an email newsletter you can subscribe to and stay informed in that media too.

Look for some changes in our vision and mission statements, an event calendar, and the aforementioned newsletter. I look forward to doing what can be done as President of the Internet Business Alliance in the future.

Guy R Cook, President


THIRD WAVE OF eCOMMERCE  has been explored by IBA Ex-president Robert E. Smith and  IBA member Omar Liripio, of UBIQX, a Seattle based e-commerce application and solution company.

The Third Wave of eCommerce is that of ubiquitous exchanges which include document authentication, e-signatures, 
and information flows with transactions. These may be accomplished with fifty percent less integration and implementation cost. With Zope, Python and XML; application development time is generally cut by 300%.

Questions on Third Wave of eCommerce may be addressed to iba@alliance.org

IBA Featured Webcast

At a recent IBA meeting M. Graeber Jordan showed executives from small and large companies how to unleash the "spirit of the web" as a force for organizational transformation.  During the 1990s, Mr. Jordan led The Boeing Company's Web strategy. Today Boeing's Web strategy is widely recognized in corporate and technology sectors as a how-to-model for industrial mega corporations aspiring to become Internet Age enterprise.

Spirit of the Web
Graeber M. Jordan
President & CEO
GJordan.com LLC

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Human Factors at IBA

IBA Member Dr. Jerrold Protherow will present through the Web "Forum" section of this IBA site the major aspects of his research and applications on the human factor in Web presentation. He was featured in a panel discussion on "Customer Care" sponsored by the IBA with the NW EC/EDI Roundtable in Seattle in June with Joy Lovell of IBM and Mike Rodriguez and Willie Pugh of the US Postal Service. After earning his PhD  from the University of Washington Human Interface Technology (HIT) Laboratory , Dr. Protherow founded the Seattle company, Hypercerulean, Inc., where he serves as president and CEO.

IBA Net Bytes

The Internet was used by more than half of the U.S. adult population last year as 16 million new users ventured online, according to a study released Feb 18 by Pew Internet & American Life Project. The study also found continued gains among women, minorities and adults in households earning $30,000 to $50,000.

San Jose, California and Seattle, Washington are the top high-tech cities in the U.S., according to a report released Tuesday by the American Electronic Association (AeA) and The Nasdaq Stock Market. Emphasizing job growth and wages in the high-tech industry, the 135-page report offers city-by-city data on 60 U.S. metropolitan areas. It also provides information on technology establishments and infrastructure, as well as on such basic quality of life issues as educational opportunities, housing and commuting. Amazon.com's home town of Seattle earned the number one spot with respect to high-tech salaries, with an average 1998 wage of US$129,300.

Economists from the World Bank, Harvard, and the London School of Economics may disagree on the issues of e-money and its effect on traditional banking, but one thing they all have in common is their tardiness in addressing the challenges of digital financial transactions. (See The Economist, 7/22/00) Customary custodial procedures and base money so dear to central banks, such as currency, deposits, accounting, credit, mutual funds will surely take on new forms as e-money and smart cards spread. IBA President Robert Smith addressed these issues in 1995 at the first international Internet Law Symposium in Seattle and following years for various IBA events. No doubt about it: IBA is a good Internet business resource with forward thinkers.

Eaton Corp. chairman Stephen R. Hardis with winning experience in his industrial manufacturing company offered 
some realistic lessons for hotshots of New Economy startups (as reported in the 6/22/00 Wall Street Journal):
1) Old and New need technology for survival and money; 2) Great ideas fuel all kinds of companies and profits matter; 3) Survivors in the New Economy will do traditional things well; 4) Presently the stock market will not give the Old its true sense of worth; 5) Old-line firms need to attract top talent when the weather is favorable.

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